How to get to the Golden Bridge from Hoi An

How to get to the Golden Bridge from Hoi An

Da Nang and its southern neighbour of Hoi An are very well connected and a drive between the two only takes about half an hour. This means that getting from Hoi An to the Golden Bridge is only a slightly longer journey than going from Da Nang. The drive will take about 70 minutes if going by car and slightly longer by motorbike. From the bottom of the Ba Na Hills, take the cable car up to reach the Golden Bridge. Here are some of the options if coming from Hoi An:

Option 1 – Shuttle Bus

How to get to the Golden Bridge from Hoi An

Fewer shuttle buses operate this route, but you will still be able to find a great deal at the travel agents around Hoi An. The increased distances mean that the shuttle bus will not only follow a different schedule, but will cost a little more. Expect around 200,000 to 250,000 VND ($8.50 to $10.90 USD) per person for a return trip from Hoi An to the Ba Na Hills.

Option 2 – Taxi

How to get to the Golden Bridge from Hoi An

The same reliable travel companies of Mai Linh, Dichungtaxi and Vinasun Taxi all operate from Hoi An as well as Da Nang. Prices are a little more expensive to reflect the extra mileage required in getting from the Ancient Town to the Ba Na Hills. Expect prices of about 575,000 to 725,000 VND ($22.80 to $31.50 USD) for a regular 4-seater that you can book through your hotel or by waving one down outside the pedestrianised Ancient Town.

Option 3 – Private Car or Self-Drive

How to get to the Golden Bridge from Hoi An

If you are coming from Hoi An we can highly recommend using Hoi An Cars as they arrived to pick us up early (always good that you aren’t left hanging when you’ve got up at the crack of dawn!), the driver was lovely, the car was great and – bless them – they even gave us cold towels and cold drinks when we got back to the car after leaving Sun World.

You can Whatsapp them on +84 09566176. We paid 900k dong ($40 USD), a lot when you can hire a motorbike for 100k, but it’s a good option if you don’t have your own wheels.

Alternatively you can organise your transport using Klook. Simply check the link below to get a price.

Option 4 – Hiring a motorbike

The condition of the road is excellent and they are relatively quiet, so you could get a motorbike to Sun World from Da Nang or Hoi An.

As we were unsure about driving so far in the dark and thought the road was going to be a windy mountain one (it isn’t), so we chose to hire a driver from Hoi An. It didn’t look like there was a bus or any form of public transport to Sun World, or at least not so early in the day anyway.

Option 5 – Entrance price for the Golden Bridge

Brace yourself, because this is the painful part. You can only visit the Golden Bridge by visiting Sun World, and the entry to Sun World is 750,000 dong per person (about $35 USD)! You can buy tickets in advance and skip the queues with Klook, just click this link.

We were shocked when we realised this, especially as Vietnam is such a great value destination. It did make us stop and think but in the end we decided to go for it and we weren’t disappointed. You only regret the things you don’t do, right?!

However, you do get access to everything in Sun World, not just the bridge. This means you’ll enjoy the longest cable car in the world (over 5km) and is also the highest elevation by cable car from start to end.

You can also check out the Linh Un Ba Pagoda, the gardens, some more cable cars and the very cheesy french village (no pun intended).

To be honest, if it wasn’t for the bridge, we wouldn’t have visited Sun World. But you can justify the extortionate cost by thinking about the other things you could do.

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