Hoi An Street Food

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Hoi An Food Tour scams could be a bad experience for tourists to Vietnam and a main reason why so many do not want to return to this amazing country. This is why we set up Hoi An Street Food. As locals we want your first impression of Vietnam to be a great one. Hoi An food tour services and small group tours will allow you to have an enjoyable and worry free trip! Thank you! Cam on! ☎ 0905566176 (What’App support).

Hoi An ancient town was an international trading port of Vietnam from the 16th century. It was also a place on the SILK-ROALD. Hoi An is beautiful with lanterns, ancient town but also well known as the paradise of excellent street foods. Foods in Hoi An is the perfect blend of all specialties in different parts of Vietnam and other countries. Travel to Hoi An, you must do Hoi An street food tour with Hoi An Street food to enjoy various local specialties with a unique experience.

Hoi An Street Food

Price List Hoi An Street food

USD/1Pax : 45$

USD/2-4 Pax : 34$

USD/5Pax : 30$


Discover the history and flavours of food during this walking in Hoi An. You will eat and then walk as a way to loose energy and have more space to continue to taste of Hoi An. Hoi An Walking Food Tour is an introduction for you to enjoy a few of the Hoi An specialities cooked up by local people…


Being an active port town during the 15th to the 19th century, Hoi An Old Town is packed with buildings of historical and cultural significance. The picturesque old town of Hoi An is known for giving birth to several most sought after dishes in Vietnam. Hoi An’s cuisine is an interference of several different cuisines. It really great for foodie who love trying local food. Hoi An Walking Food Tour is designed to give you the confidence to explore Hoi An and enjoy food just like a local.


Our Guide will meet you at your hotel in the city center and start the Hoi An Walking Food Tour. During the tour, you will be enjoy the flavours of Hoi An while exploring the hidden of this beautiful old town.

We begin Hoi An Walking food tour by visiting Hoi An Market. In this place, we are going to meet and converse with the local retailers about their food. We will enjoy Goi Cuon – Fresh Spring Rolls in the market.

We continues alongside primary streets and hidden alleys to discover taste of Hoi An food such as:

– Banh Mi – Vietnamese bread

– Banh Trang Cuon Thit Heo – Grilled pork wrapped with rice paper

– Cao Lau – Rice Noodles With Barbecued Pork, Greens and Croutons

– Banh Beo Chen – Bloating Fern-shaped cake

– Banh Hoa Hong – White Rose dumplings

– Com Ga – Hoi An Chicken rice

We will finish our food tour at a coffee shop in old town, which is the perfect spot to conclude our food adventure. Enjoying Vietnamese Coffee while sharing all the things about local life.

Finally, we will go back your hotel. Finish the tour “Hoi An Walking Food Tour”.

Goodbye and see you again!

(This price is for private tour. Tours are personalized, private, and designed to cater perfectly to the tastes and interests of my client: You. For that reason, you’ll find that they also vary significantly in price)